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Why You Should Try My Favorite Blog Hack

Why You Should Try My Favorite Blog Hack.png

One of my favorite blog types to write is a curated list post. By pulling together top content in an aggregated form, you can produce a useful, SEO-rich blog post in under ten minutes. Let me break this down. 

Curating content is something your brand should be doing anyway. Benefits of curated content are not only for your copywriters, but your readers, as well. Just remember, 80% of content should be unique, while 20% can be curated.

Save Time Writing a Blog

Content Managers around the world, breathe a sigh of relief! You now have a quick and easy way a way to produce relevant, valuable content. No more brainstorming your blog from scratch; let the work that's been done already by others be repurposed into you time-saving technique. 

Increases Your Blog SEO Value

Pulling articles from top, high-ranking sites for your list increases your chance for optimization. Linking to and from powerful sites is a way to increase your website's SEO value. 

Introduction to Influencer Marketing

Getting on the radar of industry influencers and thought leaders is not an easy feat. Try a more targeted approach. After identifying your top thought leaders, use their websites and article as your base when compiling your curated link list. You will have a reason to reach out and provide your readers more resources on similar topics. 

Prove Yourself as a Thought Leader

Don't be scared of posting about the competition. Put your ego aside and be the content leader you want to be valued as. Sharing other content (even competitor's) puts YOU in the power position as the person defining what IS and what IS NOT top content. 

Provide Your Audience Top Content

The most important reason for including curated blog posts is the value you are bringing to your readers. No matter how good you are, your point of view can only provide so much. Curated lists can help bring new perspectives to your audience, adding value, knowledge, and new resources. Your audience will appreciate you for that. 

Now it's your turn! Are there other reasons you would want to try a curated blog post? Let me know in the comments below.