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Why You Should Join A Board

There are many benefits to joining a board of an organization: professional clout, building your network, professional opportunities, new business, new friends, gained knowledge, fun... I could go on. But that's just been MY experience because, like all things, you get what you give. 

How I've Benefited From the BMA-STL Board

BMA Board Members at the 2017 Annual Planning session at The Garden on Grand.

BMA Board Members at the 2017 Annual Planning session at The Garden on Grand.

Through my involvement with the Business Marketing Association, I have met hundreds of people all across the country that I have enjoyed getting to know and learning from. On top of that, I have actually gained business through those relationships and they have aided in my support when I have had questions about projects or clients. Through the BMA, I've gotten to get in front of businesses and people I would not have been able to because I had a REASON to approach them. 

Make Every Move Count

Through all of those situations, I have benefited because I was strategic and focused with my goals for the interaction. Identify what you want to accomplish through your investment so that you can make sure you're working towards making it happen. (OR, if you're not accomplishing your goal, edit your strategy or move on to something else!)

Get Involved On The BMA 2017 Board

This year, I am honored to step into the President role of the St. Louis chapter. I have gathered some of my favorite people who are the best and brightest marketers, sales leads, event experts, and more to build up (what I think is) the best board yet!

Join me at the BMA's New Board Member Mixer at the hottest new restaurant in St. Louis to meet the rest of the board and find out the best way to get involved. 

Check Out The BMA's New Board Member Mixer

Date: April 27th

Time: 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Location: The Garden On Grand | 2245 South Grand Boulevard